Inventory Management

Sell in
multiple marketplaces

Manage inventory in a single location easily

Inventory Management
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  • Manage multiple product categories and variants
  • Manage multiple and multi-level hierarchy SKUs
  • Manage complex catalogues with ease
  • Manage your scale of business through the built in flexibility of the product
  • Manage multiple price lists, discounts and offers
  • Manage multiple vendors and trading partners

Supplier Portal

Synergize and

with your partner network

Supplier Portal
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  • Streamline relationship between vendors, distributors and sellers across entire order processing cycle
  • Track performance of suppliers and rate them across categories, locations
  • Maintain records of suppliers on a single platform
  • Integrate with leading database formats and ERPs

Order Management

Sell across
multiple channels

manage only one

Order Management
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  • Deliver true multichannel experience to your customers
  • Manage all your orders from different channels in a single dashboard
  • Manage inventory across all channels
  • Ensure product availability to avoid stock outs
  • Manage real time visibility of orders across channels
  • Part fulfil your orders


Strong warehousing

designed for e–commerce fulfillment

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  • Manage all your warehouse Operations Inbound/ Outbound
  • Manage your inventory in zones by bins and lots
  • Improve your order fulfilment by having an accurate view of the inventory
  • Allocate reserved items to avoid double selling
  • Dedicate your inventory to different sales channels to eliminate unwanted stock outs
  • Manage your shipping using bar codes to deliver accurate orders to your customers all the time
  • Improve your warehousing process through our in–depth reports

Returns Management

returns management

streamlined and easy

Returns Management
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  • Handle returns effectively
  • Analyse the returns quickly
  • Process your returns faster and more accurately
  • Configure your return process and returns reason code
  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

BI & Analytics

analytics to

improve sales/profits

BI & Analytics
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  • Identify best performing and non-performing products, do market basket analysis, identify revenue drivers
  • Identify site and cart abandonment rates, measure channel efficiency, perform funnel analysis
  • Measure shipping efficiency, inbound and outbound analytics, vehicle utilization
  • Perform inventory ageing, shrinkage trends analysis; identify min/max stocking levels
  • Measure campaign performance and campaign ROI
  • Know who your best customers are, understand customer behavior better, analyze the entire customer life-cycle and segment your customers accordingly


lasting customer


  • Multi-channel integration
  • Case creation through email parsing
  • Increase business through leads abandon cart

Point of Sale

Manage expansion

through online POS

Point of Sale
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  • Bill your products on any browser, in any system for an event, kiosk or your store
  • Receive orders at one location and fulfil them from another
  • Maintain a consistent, real time view of inventory across different locations
  • Save time and improve productivity with a user–friendly interface and automated processes