Case Studies

The Mobile Store

Vinculum develops front end solution for The Mobile Store; automates processes for improved efficiency

The Mobile Store partnered with Vinculum Solutions after it decided to venture into e-Commerce. Vinculum implemented SaaS based back-end solution Vin eRetail for their business processes and administration which could be integrated with the existing retail system JDA.

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Shop Nineteen

Vin eRetail overhauls back-end for India’s trendiest online fashion destination for women

Vinculum’s pioneering end to end retail suite offered a platform for module-wise management of all the relevant business processes and their concerned integrations. Automation of Order Fulfilment, Warehousing operations, Inventory flagging, 3rd Party Integrations and comprehensive reporting dashboard were the major pillars which consolidated the entire structure of Shopnineteen’s business model.

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Happily Unmarried

Vin eRetail helps Happily Unmarried manage operations better; reduce fallouts and improve productivity

Initially, Happily Unmarried was handling all the orders and inventory manually. There was no sync between the stores and warehouses which led to mismanagement and chaos. Implementation of Vin eRetail, an end-to-end retail suite, helped Happily Unmarried manage overall business operations efficiently. The automated order fulfillment process resulted in reducing manual errors and helped them to deliver the right products to the right customers.

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Vin eRetail integrates with Internal Systems; helps Popular expand footprint online

Popular partnered with Vinculum Solutions to address the problem of integrations of existing ERP with various solutions to effectively manage the operations in order to go online.

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Vin eRetail automates business processes; helps Nykaa scale up

Nykaa partnered with Vinculum to overcome the problems it was confronting while dealing with its customers. Vinculum implemented SaaS based back-end solution to help Nykaa transform its business operation from manual to automated so that it could expedite the business operation and serve its customers better and more productively. 

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Vin eRetail automates business processes for India’s largest w&p paper manufacturer; helps manage vendors better

Bilt partnered with Vinculum Solutions when it ventured to Online Market-place to allow sellers to sell their products online and offer customers convenience to order from wide range of products.  Vinculum implemented SaaS based back-end solution Vin eRetail for Business Processes and administration. 

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Vin eRetail revamped existing systems; streamlines business processes for consistent growth, an online venture inspired by the eCommerce boom and spurred by the inherent enthusiasm & zeal of sports fans across the globe. Vinculum’s association with Collectabillia has been a persevering one. The existing system delivered below standard performance with limited functionalities pertaining to Merchandising, Warehousing, Order and Returns Management.

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Vinculum helped Vestige to meet the increasing demand of sales, enabling it to handle a larger customer base  and growing business complexities that came up with the scale

Vestige partnered with Vinculum Solutions in 2008 for implementing client-server applications for head-office, back-office system and stores’ point-of-sales. To meet the growing demand of business & scaled up sales, Vinculum implemented Vin eRetail, a Cloud based retail suite to transform their legacy system to a Web-based decentralized system enabling multi-channel retailing. Vin eRetail offered the ability to support business growth and scalability.

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Bluedart DHL partnered with Vinculum to overcome the obstacles that were coming in its way of scaling up in ecommerce domain. As Bluedart DHL was planning to mark its footprint in the ecommerce domain, it was forseeing certain challenges from inventory management to order management. All of these challenges were hindering Bluedart DHL to achieve its desired planned productivity in the e-commerce domain.

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Suy Sing

Suy Sing Commercial Corporation is the leading one-stop grocery distribution company in the Philippines. As with the rising scale of operations, Suy Sing confronted with the obstacles like; unable to meet the growing needs of the business, inefficient CRM tool to handle the increasing number of the customers etc, which were coming in its way of desired productivity. To overcome the obstacles, Suy Sing partnered with Vinculum to align their business operations with the growing needs of the customers and to overcome the limitation that they had in the existing legacy system to meet with the growing needs of the business.

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Implementation of Vin eRetail, an end-to-end retail suite, helped STYLETAG to overcome the challenges that were there in its existing legacy system and increased the operational efficiencies that helped STYLETAG to foray towards its desired productivity.

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India Circus

India Circus leverages Vin eRetail to scale up their multi – channel operations and achieve a 432% increase in ROI within 8 months

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Succeeding in Omni-Channel Era of Retailing

Authors: Venkat Nott, CEO, Vinculum Solutions/ Gartner

  • Creating a compelling, consistent experience across stores and channels
  • Effectively meeting rising customer expectations
  • Influence of the web on in-store sales
  • Changing role of retailers and the store