Our Customers


Director, Gobind Pahwa

“Vin eRetailTM is flexible enough to integrate with not only our website, and other front–end systems like Magento, shopify, martjack but also leading marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, flipkart etc. We did not need to change the way we run our operations nor did we have to buy any new software & on top of it we can now manage orders from multiple sources all at one place! Vin eRetailTM is integrated with almost all 3PL providers like Bluedart, Delhivery, DHL, Fedex etc. through we supply our products all across India.”

CEO, Puneet Chawla

“When we started, like any new startup we had most of our operations being run manually. Competition is and has always been tough, customers had become more demanding & it was important for us to sustain the good word-of-mouth we were getting. That was when we decided to tie up with Vinculum. Now, I get a real time view of how my business is doing from a single system no matter where I am. For my staff it is a single window of operations and for my customers, it is the same shopping experience when they buy my products directly from our website or from marketplaces.”


"Nykaa.com has been pleased with its engagement with Vinculum. The eRetail product has been improving with each week. Perhaps most importantly, Vinculum provides excellent support. The account manager guides you through each step and makes himself available at all times. He was indispensable in getting us off the ground but also in enhancing the product to meet our needs."